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Victoria Grant

What’s the chasm you need to cross?
Moving Red Canoe is a unique professional services firm focused on aboriginal affairs consulting.

There are over 1 million Aboriginal people in Canada with close to 200,000 living in Ontario. 

Due to recent court decisions with respect to development on Traditional Lands, and Aboriginal rights, the fundamental requirement for consultation with local Aboriginal People is paramount.

The contact and deliberations do not need to be adversarial. Respect comes from understanding.  Get to know the leadership among Aboriginal People and others potentially affected by your plans, projects and sector. There is much to be gained by meaningful exchanges and properly established relationship-based communications. 

Move the agenda.
Use Moving Red Canoe to make that possible.

We are also pleased to work with Aboriginal leaders, entrepreneurs, agencies and organizations to help with advancing issues, causes and opportunities with mainstream Canada 

Nii Wi Wog Ina Mon

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