Bringing Focus and People to the Table

Facilitation, as Moving Red Canoe defines it, is all about helping a group achieve its goals through a disciplined approach of engaging all participants and by using group communication leadership skills and techniques. We want you to collectively experience a unique journey of discovery when it comes to bridging the gap to Aboriginal culture, business and communities.

We do this with you. Before any workshop or facilitation sessions, we extract clear objectives, define needs and expectations, identify risks, threats and challenges.

Our goal is your success.  Moving Red Canoe is dedicated to helping business, government and non-government organizations learn the tools and use them to build capacity to reach out to this unique diverse community.

Facilitation is more than effective meetings and workshops; we can help facilitate your business plan development, stakeholder relations and community outreach program with First Nations.

Our workshops use trained Aboriginal facilitators, Elders and staff ready to lead sessions that will change the way you do business with Aboriginal peoples.





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