First Nation People

Kway Kway ! Ahnee! Boozhoo! Sago! Sheko:li! Wachay!

I am Tem-Augama Anishnabai, Loon Clan and registered as Temagami First Nation from Bear Island in Ontario.

The Constitution Act (1982) recognizes three groups of Aboriginal peoples: Indians, Inuit and Métis. Three separate peoples with unique cultures, languages, political and spiritual traditions.

“Indians” now commonly referred to As First Nations are generally those registered under Canada’s Indian Act.  First Nations are a diverse group representing more than 52 nations and more than 60 languages.

Métis are persons of mixed Aboriginal and European ancestry. Inuit are the Aboriginal people in Arctic Canada living primarily in Nunavut, the NWT, and the northern parts of Newfoundland/Labrador and Quebec.

There are over one million Aboriginal people in Canada, according to the 2006 Census (Statistics Canada), representing 3.8% of the general Canadian population.

There are approximately  600 recognized First Nation Bands across Canada.  Half of the First Nation population resides in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario.





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