Resolving Conflicts with Respect and Understanding

Mediation, as Moving Red Canoe offers it, is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or "appropriate dispute resolution", assisting two or more disputants in reaching a mutually agreeable agreement.

When it comes to property matters or development projects involving First Nation land or treaty matters, our form of mediation includes conciliation services because our knowledge of the Aboriginal issues and people can include productive and constructive recommendations.

Mediation provides an opportunity for safe and structured conversation.

Our mediation services will help parties listen to each other, achieve clearer understandings of the issues under dispute and help the affected parties work on mutually beneficial agreements and solutions.

The Moving Red Canoe mediator will be impartial, but knowledgeable. Our mediator will facilitate the meetings and sessions, clarify how all parties are feeling, the reason for their positions and what they want to convey making sure all engaged in the process feel safe and equal. We do not decide who is right or wrong.





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