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The Medicine Wheel is a teaching tool that encompasses places for energy and healing, teaching and understanding and is used for times of reflecting on life, and for joyous celebrations.

The Medicine Wheel represents all of creation: all races of people, animals, birds, fish, insects, trees, and stones, the sun, moon and earth are in the circle of the medicine wheel.

The circle is all of the cycles of nature, day and night, seasons, moons, life cycles, and orbits of the moon and planets

Medicine Wheel

North (Air)
Wisdom and Knowledge versus Clarity 
Focus on Mind 
Animals Quadrant

South (Water)
Trust and Innocence versus Fear
Focus on Emotions
Plants Quadrant









East (Fire)
Illumination versus Misuse of Power 
Focus on Vision and Purpose 
Humans Quadrant


West (Earth)
Introspection versus Intuition
Focus on Facing Challenges
Minerals Quadrant