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Professional development and adult education is advanced most effectively using a workshop model.

Moving Red Canoe workshops have been developed with three levels of education and facilitation in mind with an introductory workshop being presented in a half-day format providing an overview and pre-set basic learnings.

The full-day workshop is a more intermediate level format with inclusion of a hands-on component to the learnings.  Much of the same basic information provided in the introductory workshop is included but with more attention to interaction.

The two-day workshop is an ideal format for anyone with need of broader and deeper understandings.  It’s offered as an off-site session in either the Greater Toronto Area, Niagara or Thunder Bay areas and includes a full program with interactive sessions, case studies, scenario playing and the benefit of an Elder for greater insights.   The package includes professional fees, accommodations and most meals.

Each workshop includes a hand-out and valuable reference materials.





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